Kyle Railton aka Coach T Mud

Aside from some time spent abroad in Europe, Detroit, and New Zealand in his early 20s, Kyle has lived in Tahoe his entire life. And while Kyle has always been active, in his early years some of his activities were not the healthiest. But Kyle suffers from a severe case of FOMO and as Kyle got older and wiser, he started to realize that health and fitness opened a lot of doors to him, ones that wouldn’t be opened had he been sitting on a bar stool.

Kyle first started CrossFit in 2009 to improve his fitness for dirt bike racing, but it also opened a whole new world of competition in CrossFit – and Kyle loves healthy competition. He obtained his Level 1 Certification in 2010 and began training others and sharing his passion for fitness. CrossFit also lead to Kyle’s involvement with the Tough Mudder community, where his alter ego, Coach T Mud, helps people warm up and prepare for Tough Mudder events. Kyle takes his coaching seriously but will always jump at the chance to poke fun at himself for a laugh. He believes every CrossFit class should a mix of hard work, good laughs, and personal growth.